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ficus artificial maiashop
ficus artificial maiashop
ficus artificial maiashop
ficus artificial maiashop
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Artificial Ficus Excelsior 190 cm

Preparation time 10 days
€109,90 Regular price €146,90

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A Renewed Classic of Pure Nature.

The Artificial Ficus is a faithful representation of the timeless charm of nature. This classic, never going out of style, symbolizes the perfect union between tradition and naturalness, ideal for those seeking a touch of enduring elegance in their spaces.

Naturalness at its best: Each Ficus in our collection stands out for its treated real trunks, carefully selected to reflect the beauty and strength of nature. These trunks, along with the carefully modeled leaves, create an image of unparalleled authenticity and freshness.

A symbol of timeless style: It is a decorative element that transcends trends. Its classic and natural aesthetics complement any decor, bringing an air of sophistication and serenity.

Resistance and authenticity: This Ficus is not just a visual delight but also a symbol of durability and quality. Its resistance and easy maintenance make it the perfect choice for those seeking beauty without complications.

Versatility: Ideal for all kinds of environments, from elegant homes to contemporary offices or commercial spaces, the Artificial Ficus adds a touch of nature and elegance anywhere.

At MAIA SHOP, we believe in the importance of connecting with nature through creations that endure over time.

Does it include a pot?

The wicker pot in the photos is not included. The tree comes pre-assembled in a sturdy plastic and plaster pot, so it can stand on its own. The pot is black and has a moderate size of 16x17.5cm, making it easy to fit into other pots to provide the best decorative effect for your home and office.

Artificial Ficus Excelsior 190 cm

€109,90 Regular price €146,90

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