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Artificial Dracaena

Transform your space with the Artificial Dracaena from MAIA SHOP, an explosion of freshness and color that elevates any space. With lush leaves and astonishing realism, this piece adds an exotic touch to your decoration. Discover effortless authenticity and bring nature to your home or office with style. Your corner of serenity, always vibrant and always perfect.

¿La drácena artificial de MAIA SHOP es la drácena tronco de brasil?

Yes :)

Is the artificial Dracaena from MAIA SHOP the Brazilian Trunk Dracaena?

MAIA SHOP's artificial Dracaena is an easy-to-care-for and highly decorative plant, with a trunk that provides a realistic appearance. It is known for its durability and resilience, and can adapt to different indoor spaces due to its various available sizes, making it a versatile choice for decoration.

In what sizes is the artificial Dracaena available at MAIA SHOP?

We have it available in 5 sizes to fit any space: Artificial Dracaena 105 cm, 120 cm, 130 cm, 155 cm, and 170 cm.

What differences do the artificial Dracaenas from MAIA SHOP have?

In addition to the 5 available sizes, we have artificial Dracaenas with thin trunks, the ones at 105 cm, 130 cm, and 170 cm, and artificial Dracaenas with thick trunks, the ones at 120 cm and 155 cm.