Banana Plant

Tropical delight

Artificial Banana Plant

Discover sophistication with the Artificial Banana Plant from MAIA SHOP. Captivate your space with exceptional elegance and realism. Every detail, from leaves to trunks, reflects perfection. Forget about maintenance, immerse yourself in freshness and vitality. Transform your environment with the perfect fusion of aesthetics and practicality. Find the Artificial Banana Plant that defines your style and elevates your decoration to a higher level.

Characteristics of the Artificial Banana Plant:

1. Crafted with durable materials, ensuring its strength and realism.

2. Available in different sizes, ranging from 120 cm to a large artificial banana plant of 210 cm, allowing adaptation to various spaces.

3. Features trunks made of natural wood, providing visual realism suitable for any environment. Its ease of adaptation to any space makes it a versatile option for decoration.

What is the maximum height of the artificial banana plant?

At MAIA SHOP, the tallest large artificial banana plant is 210 cm. We also have it in 120 cm, 150 cm, and 180 cm.

What are the advantages of using an artificial banana plant instead of a natural one?

Some advantages of using artificial banana plants instead of natural ones include their durability and timelessness, as they bring color to the decoration throughout the year. Additionally, they do not require constant care, do not attract insects, and can be an option for spaces where natural plants are not viable.