ficus elástica artificial maiashop
ficus elastica artrificial MAIA SHOP
ficus elástica artificial maiashop

Artificial 180 cm Rubber Plant

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The essence of nature

The Ficus Elastica from MAIA SHOP, also known as Magnolia, is like a piece of Mediterranean freshness that you can take anywhere.

Hyper-realism: Every detail of our Ficus Elastica has been carefully crafted to reflect the perfection of nature, creating a surprisingly realistic appearance that will impress everyone who sees it.

Unique green color: Its vibrant and distinctive green hue stands out among any decor, adding freshness and vitality to any environment without the need for maintenance.

Abundant foliage: Faithfully recreating the lushness of a live tree, this artificial plant will fill your space with a sense of fullness and calmness.

At MAIA SHOP, we don't just create plants, but life experiences that connect you with nature in its purest and most sublime form.

Does it include a pot?

The wicker pot shown in the photos is not included. The plant comes pre-assembled in a sturdy plastic and plaster pot, so it can stand on its own. The pot is black and has a moderate size of 16x17.5cm, making it easy to fit into other pots to provide the best decorative effect for your home and office.

Artificial 180 cm Rubber Plant

€89,90 Regular price €106,90

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