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About us

Young entrepreneurs with a vision for the future and the idea of filling every space of your lives with that green full of energy and freshness...that's Maia Shop.

Since 2019, we are the delight of thousands of homes around the world who have put their trust in our artificial plants and trees to decorate those places that need a touch of color.

Welcome to the Jungle!

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Hand and Love Made

Our priority is to offer products that meet the highest standards of quality, resistance and aesthetics. Therefore, our trees are handmade with natural trunks, sterilized and sanitized, leaves with natural touch one by one, by specialists in artificial decoration.

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Decorate without worries

Decorative, long-lasting, realistic and maintenance-free - these are our plants and trees. Therefore, it is no coincidence that we are a reference in artificial decoration in: Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Portugal, Holland, Belgium and France.

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Focused on botanical passion

We are that green touch that will help you simplify your day to day life with a beautiful plant that will be ready to place, without the need for complicated processes.

welcome to Maia Shop, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!

Climate pledge friendly

ClimatePartner's Climate neutral label certifies that a product's carbon footprint has been calculated and all associated emissions have been offset. In addition, ClimatePartner encourages companies to set ambitious reduction targets and reduce the carbon footprint of their products. The certificate number can be entered on the ClimatePartner website for additional information, such as carbon offset projects supported. ClimatePartner improves lives by helping companies address climate change with practical solutions.

Kill time, not your plants.

Do you have any questions or inquiries? Write to us and we will resolve them as soon as possible