Lentisk Preserved 100 cm

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Lentisk Natural Preserved: Mediterranean Elegance that Adapts to Your Style

MAIA SHOP's preserved lentisk, representative of the dry Mediterranean landscape, is a versatile natural gem that effortlessly integrates into any style. 100% natural and preserved, this Mediterranean touch adds authenticity to your space, merging elegance and adaptability in a unique way.

Resilient and versatile: It brings resilience and gracefully adapts to any style, making it the perfect choice for your space.

Mediterranean touch: Give your space an authentic Mediterranean touch with preserved lentisk. Incorporate the essence of the dry landscape into your environment with style and naturalness.

Naturally preserved: A 100% natural and preserved tree that transforms your space with elegance without complications, offering an authentic and lasting touch to your unique style.

Let the lasting charm of lentisk define your own Mediterranean corner.

Delivery in 4-5 weeks

Made to order. Once you place your order, our workshop artisans will get to work creating and producing your tree, paying attention to the smallest detail. This is why shipping may take up to 4 or 5 weeks.

Lentisk Preserved 100 cm

€79,90 Regular price €119,90

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