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Natural Elegance in Your Space with the Preserved Ficus Tree

The PreservedFicus Tree isan elegant anddurable decorative option thatcombines naturalbeauty with easeof maintenance. This 100% naturaland preservedtree brings atouch of distinctionto any space, adapting todiverse decorative styles withits unique charmand its abilityto remain beautifulwithout the needfor special care.

Features of the Artificial Ficus Tree

- The Preserved Ficus is distinguished by its exceptional realism and adjustability. Each leaf and branch can be customized to achieve a natural and vivid appearance, adding charm and authenticity to any environment.

- Crafted with high-quality materials and a natural trunk, the Preserved Ficus guarantees durability and resilience. Its maintenance is practical, as it does not require pruning, watering, fertilization, or sunlight to maintain its beauty throughout the year.

- Thanks to its modern and elegant design, the Preserved Ficus easily adapts to a variety of spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, terraces, cafes, and studios. It adds sophistication and charm to each environment, becoming a versatile and attractive decorative element.

Do you have any questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions about preserved ficus trees for decoration

What are the features of the preserved ficus tree for interior decoration?

The featuresof the preservedficus tree forinterior decorationinclude its durability and easeof care, as wellas its abilityto improve airquality in indoorspaces. Theseplants requireindirect light, a constant temperaturebetween 68-77°F (20-25°C), and a well-draining substrate.

Why buy preserved ficus trees online at MAIA SHOP?

MAIA SHOPstands out foroffering exclusivehigh-quality products. Each preservedficus tree ismeticulously hand-assembled inSpain using thebest availablematerials, ensuringan exceptionalproduct withmeticulous attentionto every detail.

How to Care for and Maintain Preserved Ficus in Good Condition?

Here is the translation to English:To maintain the preserved ficus trees in optimal condition, it is essential to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and excessive humidity. It is also recommended to perform periodic cleaning to remove dust and protect them from sudden temperature variations, ensuring their maintenance and beauty over time.