Eucalyptus Preserved Green 100 cm

Delivery in 4-5 weeks. Made to order.
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Eucalyptus Preserved Natural: The revolution in decoration

Transform your environment in an instant with our preserved eucalyptus tree. Its leaves and trunks, authentic and carefully preserved, tell a story of natural elegance. Experience the essence of eucalyptus, marking the final word in decorative trends that will transform your style.

100% Natural Eucalyptus: Authentic eucalyptus leaves and trunks that add a touch of distinction to your space.

Elegance in Every Detail: Its lushness and meticulous design infuse life and captivating colors.

Sustaining Beauty: Eucalyptus ensures a longevity that transcends time, bringing natural beauty to your space in a sustainable and enduring way.

Perfect for Any Environment: Whether in a peaceful corner of your home, an office, or as a centerpiece in your decorations, preserved eucalyptus seamlessly integrates into any space.

Redefine your space with the freshness and charm of preserved eucalyptus, an experience that only MAIA SHOP can provide.

Delivery in 4-5 weeks

Made to order. Once you place your order, our workshop artisans will get to work creating and producing your tree, paying attention to the smallest detail. This is why shipping may take up to 4 or 5 weeks.

Eucalyptus Preserved Green 100 cm

€89,90 Regular price €169,90

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