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Artificial Minimal Bamboo 210 cm

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A Touch of the East in Your Space

Minimalist bamboo that combines clean lines and elegant design, encapsulating serenity and simplicity in its purest form. Its discreet and harmonious presence brings a touch of tranquility and balance to any space.

Each piece, handcrafted in Spain, captures the essence of traditional bamboo, offering a unique greenish-yellow color that adds life and joy to any corner.

Authentic origins, innovative design: Inspired by Asian landscapes, this bamboo combines the authenticity of its origin with a modern and practical design. The ease of assembly in two pieces makes installation a simple and quick process.

Durability and style: Made to withstand, this artificial bamboo features superior quality, maintaining its beauty over time.

Easy care, lasting impact: Without the need for watering or special maintenance, this bamboo is ideal for those seeking a durable and uncomplicated decorative solution.

Versatility and convenience: Perfect for any space, this tree brings a touch of nature with the convenience of being detachable, making it easy to transport and adapt to different environments.

At MAIA SHOP, we strive to offer products that reflect quality and care in every detail.

Does it include a pot?

The wicker pot in the photos is not included. The tree comes pre-assembled in a sturdy plastic and plaster pot, so it can stand on its own. The pot is black and has a moderate size of 16x17.5cm, making it easy to fit into other pots to provide the best decorative effect for your home and office.

Artificial Minimal Bamboo 210 cm

€69,90 Regular price €96,90

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