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Artificial Banana Tree 180 cm

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Pure Style. Pure Life.

MAIASHOP's Banana Plant is not just a plant; it's a statement of style and originality. Finding such a unique piece is a challenge; you won't find it anywhere else.

  • Natural trunk, pure authenticity: Its natural trunk, carefully selected and treated, is a display of the dedication we put into every detail. Each trunk is a work of art in itself, reflecting the purest essence of nature.
  • Unparalleled touch and flexibility: The leaves of the Banana Plant have a texture that defies any expectation. Their ability to mold allows each plant to adapt to individual tastes and needs, making each specimen a unique piece.

MAIA SHOP's Banana Plant is more than just a decorative addition; it's a striking element that captures attention in any space.

Its design, coupled with the quality of its craftsmanship, makes each Banana Plant a manifestation of elegance and exclusivity.

Every Banana Plant that leaves MAIA SHOP is a testament to our continuous pursuit of offering unique, high-quality products with a distinctive style.

Does it include a pot?

The wicker pot in the photos is not included.

The tree comes pre-assembled in a sturdy plastic and plaster pot, so it can stand on its own.

The pot is black and has a moderate size of 16x17.5cm, which makes it easy to install in other pots to bring the best decorative effect to your home and office.

Artificial Banana Tree 180 cm

€89,90 Regular price €119,90


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